About us

For over a decade, CANA Foundation has worked through science backed education
to create legislation that will ultimately help to effectuate rewilding initiatives. Through
these efforts, we can not only change the lives of horses
across the United States, but better the environment, making for a healthier future for all. 
Through our work with partner organizations, including the Institute of Politics and Global Affairs at Cornell University,
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC) at the American Museum of Natural History and scientists at various institutions,
we initiate research studies to support rewilding initiatives with wild horses.

Horse eye Cana Foundation and Rewilding


The horse, as a native species to the North American continent, is an integral component of our natural system. Today, there are 70,000 wild horses in government holding pens, 60,000 left on the range and it costs $100 million federal tax dollars every year to round them up, sterilize and manage America's wild horses. Public rangelands are used specifically for special interest groups––fracking, drilling and agri-business. Read more about why horses play a critical role in environmental rewilding and our solution to the wild horse crisis...

Humans and Cana Foundation Rewilding


Rewilding heals the planet to make our environment healthier. The process involves the restoration of select ancestral ways of living and nature originally created for the balance, harmony, and well-being of our ecosystem. Through the introduction or reintroduction of specific animal and plant species, we can help to better support, sustain, and balance the ecosystem and the energy of the environment. Rewilding is in practice throughout the USA, Europe and beyond...

Habitat and Rewilding Cana Foundation


A healthy environment is the foundation of all life-supporting systems, including that of human well-being and socio-economic development. The end goal of rewilding is to better the environment for even more plants and species that may have once roamed and thrived there. For America’s wild horses, which are so connected to many of our Western lands, placing them back where they once roamed has a variety of ecological and economic benefits. These benefits are being studied through small and large scale projects...


We’re committed to transparency and our mission to save our #WildOnes, that’s why we received a “Gold” rating from GuideStar, the world’s leading source for information about non-profit organizations.