Saving and Rewilding America's Wild horses for a healthier planet

  • Wild Horses living on Public range lands have been trapped in the middle of a land grab and  mismanaged by The Bureau of Land management for nearly 50 years.  
  • Today over 70,000 wild horses are currently warehoused in taxpayer-funded holding facilities. 
  • These inhuman roundups and warehousing costs over $80 million a year in federal tax dollars.
  • America’s public range lands that are home to these horses are used primarily for corporate farming of cattle for export, oil fracking and drilling.
  • Cattle outnumber horses over 50 to 1and are one of the largest contributor to climate change.
  • The BLM manages 248 million acres. There is no land for horses?
Rewilding is the Reintroduction Of Select Plants And Animals Into their native Environment To Help Restore An Ecological Balance That Benefits All Inhabitants. 
  • We work to unite wild horses with rewilding initiatives that allow them to live free while restoring an environmental and spiritual balance so they can fulfill their environmental niche as they have been proven to do. 
  • We work to promote changing legislation to support humane alternatives to managing our wild horses and the misconceptions surrounding them.
  • CANA advocates for rewilding as a nonpartisan solution to the nations wild horse management and fiscal crisis.
  • We advocate for Rewilding initiatives on Native lands to help bring environmental and socio economic opportunities to tribal communities.
  • Cana Foundation is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit New York-based rewilding organization.
  • Cana Foundation Initiatives work through a combination of advocacy efforts, public awareness campaigns and large scale media initiatives. 


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