Educate, legislate and effectuate

For over a decade, CANA Foundation has worked through science backed education to create legislation that will ultimately help to effectuate rewilding initiatives. Through these efforts, the Foundation believes that we can not only change the lives of horses across the United States, but better the environment, making for a healthier future for all.

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CANA Foundation is a 501 (c)3 New York-based rewilding organization

CANA Foundation Milestones

Educated people throughout North America and Europe on rewilding and horse related issues through live events and outreach, ranging from CitiField to the University of Cambridge

Helped to secure groundbreaking Rewilding Legislation for Wild Horses in FY2020 Interior Appropriations Budget

Funded research initiatives devoted to understanding the horse’s place in nature at the University of California Santa Cruz Paleogenomics Lab and New York’s American Museum of Natural History

Worked with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to relieve the overcrowding of horses in holding pens

United native horses with native communities

Created opportunities for local communities that welcome horses onto their land, including cultural awareness programs, job training opportunities, organic farming initiatives and overall economic development

The horse is an integral part of healthy habitats. Allowing wild horses to fulfill their original role in rebuilding novel ecosystems is a smart use of taxpayer funds and a key component in building biodiversity in the fight to eradicate carbon emissions, global warming and climate change.

It costs taxpayers over $100 million dollars a year to round up and warehouse America’s wild horses. Through rewilding initiatives, we can: 

  • alleviate environmental damage caused by special interest groups 
  • increase economic development for rural and nature-based communities
  • foster community empowerment 
  • conserve land 
  • sustainably manage and preserve America’s wild horse population

Overall, we’re there to help animals and people to lead better lives and to live in balanced harmony, leaving a better planet for future generations! 

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