Educate, legislate and effectuate

For over a decade, CANA Foundation has worked through science backed Initiatives and education to create legislation that will ultimately help to effectuate environmental rewilding initiatives.

Through these efforts, the Foundation believes that we can play an integral role in the fight against climate change and save America’s wild horses. Making for a healthier future for all.

three horses

The United States has created a wild horse and climate crisis.

The Issues:

  • Taxpayers are burdened to pay for wild horse roundups, slaughter, transportation, and herd management on public lands, in large part, under the erroneous belief that horses are invasive and provide little value to the land.
  • Allowing other uses contributes to "desertification" and "mega droughts" in many states.
  • Modern science supports the truth - that wild horses are native to North America and their presence positively contributes to grassland ecology.
  • Current law does not provide incentives for rewilding horses nor is there synergy with existing renewable energy incentives.

The Solutions:

  • Putting your dollars to a better, sustainable use that will benefit everyone.
  • Land conservation.
  • Species conservation.
  • Transition to a lower-carbon economy by helping establish lands suitable for renewable energy development.