The Bureau of Land Management did not waste a moment sharing their plans for the wild horses in 2022. On January 5th, they announced they would be rounding up 22,000 wild horses and burros this year. Less than a week later, on January 11th, they started with the Pancake region in Nevada.

The BLM has set out to round up 2030 horses living on 1.1 million acres of land in this area. Yes, over 1 million acres of land! One would think that an area this large offered enough land for the BLM to use for grazing leases while allowing the horses to remain. But the Department of the Interior seems determined to eradicate our native wild horses.

Our new BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning says, “Our gather efforts, handling standards, and fertility control work are guided by our compassion for these animals and our desire to protect their well-being, as well as the health of our public lands.”

Director Stone-Manning, I beg to differ. In your first week of this round-up, 514 horses have been captured, and 9 have died during these events. You have broken multiple rules and regulations for humane handling procedures during this gather, amongst other things. Additionally, you have not adhered to the Wild Horse and Burro Act’s protocols and procedures. 

The government’s flow of misinformation about wild horses and climate change, along with their ramped-up management plan for our wild horses, a native species to our lands, is a direct insult to the American people. These horses and the public rangelands belong to the American people. Wild horses are mega-herbivores and play an integral role in the natural system. Proper management of these lands through grassland ecology “rewilding” as a component of the BLM’s management plan would save tax dollars and this cruel, unnecessary abuse of our wild horses. 

The environmental benefits of this plan would not only rebuild biodiversity to help capture carbon and slow down the effects of climate change but also offer socio-economic benefits. 

The only people benefitting here are the wealthy private helicopter and holding facility contractors, along with the special interest groups leasing our lands for a mere pittance. 

Cana Foundation is on the move. We have had enough! We have science and truth on our side and will not allow the continued lies and abuse of our wild horses and our public lands. So STOP THE ROUND-UPS —REWILD!

Best wishes on your journey,

Read about the egregious plan for the wild horses and the misuse of your tax dollars and public lands.

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