Environmental Health and Wild Horses

Stay tuned for our next event! In the meantime, Watch this video from our Zoom Event with The Institute Of Politics And Global Affairs at Cornell University, “Environmental Health And Wild Horses: A Design For The Future” moderated by Steve Israel, director, Institute of Politics and Global Affairs at Cornell University, former U.S. Representative (D-NY) with these esteemed panelists: Congresswoman Betty …

Keeping Nature in Balance

Horses grazing birds

Photographer Karla LaRive, Cana Foundation’s newest team member, shares the story of one of her iconic photos.

Cana Foundation on Morning Joe on MSNBC

Cana Foundation Morning Joe

Last week, the CANA Foundation joined Morning Joe’s, led by co-host Mika Brzezinski, to discuss how the Trump budget would affect wild horses. The appearance was part of a major publicity campaign to raise awareness of a key vote by the Senate Appropriations Committee that could reopen the door to allow horse slaughter in the United States. CANA Foundation’s campaign involves …

Cana Foundation Helps American Indians get Masks during COVID

Cana Foundation masks for Indian country

The Long Island Press covers Cana Foundation’s work in fundraising to provide masks to American Indian communities during COVID-19. Manda Kalimian and the Foundation have already provided 2000 masks to the Navajo Nation and want to help us send masks to all the other reservations in need. “If we had shortages, they had nothing,” says Manda Kalimian, founder of the CANA Foundation. …

Manda Kalimian Featured in Downtown Magazine

Manda Kalimian and her work as the President of the Cana Foundation is featured in Downtown Magazine, a magazine that features a sophisticated appreciation for the culture that embodies Lower Manhattan. This glossy, luxury publication showcases the heartbeat and attitude of this lavishly diverse community. Deborah Martin writes: Manda Kalimian created the Cana Foundation to save American wild horses from harm. …


Where Is Our Human: Rewilding In The Age Of COVID-19

Image: A Chinese woman holds her dog, both wearing protective masks. Kevin Frayer/Getty Images  Over the last three and a half years this country has been faced with a considerable amount of change. Every day there seems to be a new normal for us to conform to. And just when you thought you had adjusted and learned to accept the “New …



What happens to a society when they have become so callous and self-absorbed that they have no regard for the natural world around them no less other human life?


Wild Horse Grazing Can Help Our Planet


Let’s talk about the importance of horse grazing to the environment. Not many people know this, but horses feeding off of the land is the healthiest way to preserve our lands.




Why is it that we admire wild and free horses the way we do? They are the focal point of so much of our art, photography, and history.


The Tale of The American Indian Horse: A relationship like no other

CANA FOUNDATION American Indian Horse BLOG

They were also referred to as “people of the horse” because they had a greater understanding of the horse that other cultures did not, as they evolved together. The spiritual connection between the Native Americans and their horses is a rarity that not many people have experienced.


There are wild horse sanctuaries across the USA and world. Learn about their purpose.


All The Wild Horses and Music Today

No matter which musical artist you choose or which generation of music you listen to, the message of the Wild Horses will always remain the same.

Old Westbury Gardens Hosts 10th Anniversary Children in Bloom Luncheon


ARTICLE BY LONG ISLAND PRESS Diamonds Are Forever was the theme when Old Westbury Gardens hosted its 10th Anniversary Children in Bloom Luncheon at Orchard Hill in Old Westbury on Oct. 18. The honoree was Arlene Levine, a founding member of the Children in Bloom Council and a major philanthropist. The monies raised from the luncheon support the educational and environmental …


Horses in North America

Horses in North America

Tashunka Wakan. This is what the Lakota people call the horses in North America.



The true definition of Rewilding is “to bring things back to an original state of being.”

Long Island Press: Federal Agency Considering Rewilding Wild Horses

Long Island Press Cana Foundation

Manda Kalimian, founder of the CANA Foundation, is quoted in the Long Island Press in a new story entitled, “Long Island Advocates Optimistic That Federal Agency Considering Rewilding Wild Horses,” focusing on Long Island-based animal advocates working to save wild horses in the American West. Manda’s Locust Valley-based nonprofit horse advocacy group, Cana Foundation, helps find homes for adopted wild …