What happens to a society when they have become so callous and self-absorbed that they have no regard for the natural world around them no less other human life?


Wild Horse Grazing Can Help Our Planet


Let’s talk about the importance of horse grazing to the environment. Not many people know this, but horses feeding off of the land is the healthiest way to preserve our lands.




Why is it that we admire wild and free horses the way we do? They are the focal point of so much of our art, photography, and history.


The Tale of The American Indian Horse: A relationship like no other

CANA FOUNDATION American Indian Horse BLOG

They were also referred to as “people of the horse” because they had a greater understanding of the horse that other cultures did not, as they evolved together. The spiritual connection between the Native Americans and their horses is a rarity that not many people have experienced.


There are wild horse sanctuaries across the USA and world. Learn about their purpose.


All The Wild Horses and Music Today

No matter which musical artist you choose or which generation of music you listen to, the message of the Wild Horses will always remain the same.

Old Westbury Gardens Hosts 10th Anniversary Children in Bloom Luncheon


ARTICLE BY LONG ISLAND PRESS Diamonds Are Forever was the theme when Old Westbury Gardens hosted its 10th Anniversary Children in Bloom Luncheon at Orchard Hill in Old Westbury on Oct. 18. The honoree was Arlene Levine, a founding member of the Children in Bloom Council and a major philanthropist. The monies raised from the luncheon support the educational and environmental …


Horses in North America

Horses in North America

Tashunka Wakan. This is what the Lakota people call the horses in North America.



The true definition of Rewilding is “to bring things back to an original state of being.”

Long Island Press: Federal Agency Considering Rewilding Wild Horses

Long Island Press Cana Foundation

Manda Kalimian, founder of the CANA Foundation, is quoted in the Long Island Press in a new story entitled, “Long Island Advocates Optimistic That Federal Agency Considering Rewilding Wild Horses,” focusing on Long Island-based animal advocates working to save wild horses in the American West. Manda’s Locust Valley-based nonprofit horse advocacy group, Cana Foundation, helps find homes for adopted wild …

Groundbreaking Rewilding Legislation for Wild Horses in FY2020 Interior Appropriations Budget

Horses running in the American West

The Cana Foundation hailed bipartisan language in the FY2020 Interior Appropriations Budget as a management option for America’s wild horses. The House Appropriations FY 2020 Interior, Environment and Related Agencies appropriations bill encourages rewilding for wild horse and burro management. This groundbreaking legislation will open up the opportunity to save millions of taxpayer dollars spent on keeping wild horses in …

CANA Foundation Selected as Sidelines Magazine’s December 2018 Charity of the Month

Cana Foundation Dec Charity of the Month

CANA Foundation has been selected by Sidelines Magazine as the publication’s December Charity of the Month. Sidelines is one of the most widely read equestrian publications, focusing on the world of horses from wild populations and conservation to dressage and showjumping. Each month, Sidelines selects a charity to highlight which exemplifies the outlet’s mission of horse population preservation and sanctuary. …

Reflecting on Culture & Positivity on Indigenous People’s Day

For many Americans, the second Monday of October known as Columbus Day celebrates the man who is known to millions of schoolchildren as the person ‘who sailed the ocean blue’ and found the new world. Unfortunately, many are unaware of the painful impact  Columbus’ journey had on the Indigenous People of the Americas. In fact, many don’t even realize that Columbus never actually even set …

CANA Foundation Hosts First Annual Bipartisan Legislative Panel at the Hampton Classic Horse Show

Hampton Classic Steve Israel

The CANA Foundation hosted its First Annual Hampton Classic Bipartisan Legislative Panel, which gathered an audience of more than 100 and sought to draw national attention to the humane and sustainable management of wild horses throughout the country. The CANA Foundation held the inaugural, bipartisan panel on Saturday, September 1st at the Hampton Classic, bringing together a diverse crowd of accomplished experts, …

Cana Foundation Participates in “Horses on the Hill” Event

Horses on the Hill

Cana Foundation was honored to be part of “Horses on the Hill,” an event with celebrities, school children and citizen advocates who joined Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., sponsor of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 1176 / H.R. 2966), at the Capitol to urge legislators to permanently protect our nation’s horses from inhumane slaughter. The event was co-hosted by …

Horse Nation Honors Cana Foundation

Horse Nation names Cana Foundation a top charity

The equestrian news and fan site Horse Nation honors Cana Foundation as a top horse charity. With over 100,000 fans on Facebook alone, this horse publication publishes news daily and engages with horse lovers across the United States. Learn more about why Cana Foundation was named a top charity. Read more.


Cana Foundation in The Hill

To thank the Members of Congress who voted to uphold protections for wild horses and burros, CANA Foundation took out a major advertisement in “The Hill,” one of the top Political newspapers. The advertisement thanks these Members of Congress for upholding language protecting wild horses and burros in the Interior Appropriations Bill and for prohibiting USDA inspection funds for domestic …

Cana Foundation Saves Wild Hoofbeats Features Cana Foundation

Carol Walker Wild Hoofbeats Features Cana Foundation

Renown photographer Carol Walker features Cana Foundation in Wild Hoofbeats. Cana recently saved two wild horses from Salt Wells Creek after the Checkerboard Roundup. Carol shares the story. Carol writes, “In September and October of 2017 the BLM rounded up and removed 1968 wild horses from Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin, three of the largest remaining …