CANA Foundation Presents at the Global Earth Repair Conference

CANA Foundation Presents at the Global Earth Repair Conference

CANA Foundation joins grassroots ecological movement to regreen our planet at the Global Earth Repair Conference in Washington State.

On May 3rd-5th, 2019, CANA Foundation traveled to Port Townsend, Washington State, to speak at the Global Earth Repair Conference. Mo Brings Plenty joined an impressive panel of experts and thought leaders to present our talk titled, “How America’s Wild Horses Help Save Habitats and Humanity,”which details the importance of our wild horse nation to the health and sustainability of our lands, ecosystems, climate and us as humans.

The Global Earth Repair Conference brought together a wide range of academics, farmers, indigenous activists and individuals working towards restoring a balance to our planet, to build a grassroots movement to regreen our planet and recarbonize our soil. Over 600 people gathered for three days of education, networking, and collective action towards earth repair, ecosystem restoration, and bioremediation. The event featured over 200 workshops, presentations, and an exchange of strategies towards generating a positive outcome for our earth and society at large. The amazing science and personal stories that were shared at the Conference spurred action and inspiration for all who attended this important event.

As the proverbial custodians of our earth, humans play an integral role as stewards to the environment we are a part of. We are all connected. Nurturing a harmonious balance between people and our environment ensures an abundant future for all who share the planet. We must remember the importance of protecting our environment for future generations and regain our understanding of the connection between our choices and the impact this has on our wildlife, environment and ultimately, our human race.





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