CANA Foundation Presents at Cambridge Conservation Rewilding Symposium

Cambridge Conservation Rewilding Symposium

The Cambridge Conservation Forum hosts world renowned thought leaders to discuss rewilding & its effects on nature & people.

On January 11th and 12th, 2019, CANA Foundation travelled to Cambridge, England to participate in an inspirational and educational event hosted by the Cambridge Conservation Forum (CCF) at the David Attenborough Building at Cambridge University. At the event, CANA realized more than ever how rewilding is truly a worldwide solution to a broad number of environmental crises; including climate breakdown and the preservation of our dwindling global biodiversity.  Overall, it was reconfirmed that wild horses play a crucial role in rewilding not only our habitats, but can also guide us towards understanding what is happening to our land and other species.

The sold out event of over 500 people brought together farmers, conservationists, landowners, stakeholders, scientists, ecologists, economists and thought leaders in a public forum hosting 50 rewilding talks and workshops. It was wonderful to see the consideration of even participation between male and female speakers and audience involvement.

George Monbiot Cambridge Conservation Forum
Meeting George Monbiot at the Cambridge Conservation Forum

Some other talks CANA found notable and interesting include Helen Harwatt’s talk on rewilding’s potential to sequester carbon and  rewilding hero, George Monbiot’s talk which posed the question: Could rewilding restore not only the natural world, but also humanity’s prospects of getting through the century?  His keynote presentation was a “call to arms” for rewilding; as it provides environmentalists and politicians a way to contribute to the effort in reducing global warming and the catastrophic global effect if we don’t.  The highlight of our experience was when Mr. Monbiot tied in CANA Foundation’s effort to his presentation by name, as an example about the important role of large herbivores grazing and how they can help to not only restore environmental balance, but help to mitigate climate change and restore waterways.

It is known that rewilding can stop climate breakdown; and there is a clear link between wild horse populations in a forest area and the carbon sequestration potential of that ecosystem; meaning that more horses equals greater carbon drawdown. There is an urgent need to halt the sixth mass extinction within the next 12 years and rewilding should be a centered theme in all discussions. It shouldn’t be a question of should we rewild but more of how can we implement initiatives that help us to rewild immediately.  Wild horses are among a list of ecological stabilizers that are crucial to this rewilding movement. They are also the main ones who can help to inspire and guide us as humans towards reconnecting with our natural world and protecting these planetary wonders.

Cana Foundation at the Cambridge Conservation Forum in England
Cana Foundation at the Cambridge Conservation Forum in England

Finally, we would like to take a moment to recognize and thank the dynamic, organized and incredible team at Citizen Zoo and all of the volunteers who worked tirelessly to create this event. Conscious collaboration is key in sustaining the rewilding movement that each of us work so hard for. CANA was humbled to learn from, be amongst & join forces with such renowned individuals at the University of Cambridge  #Rewilding2019 Symposium who are also on the quest to #RewildOurWorld!

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