Through the eyes of a horse

Finding Clarity

If you look into the eyes of a horse, you can see yourself with distinct clarity. Creatures so large and powerful, fluid with compassion and unbinding love for the hand that pets it. All my life, I have grown up around horses. As a child, I spent most of my days, alone, playing at the barn. Riding became something of second nature to me; it was as vital to me as breathing and horses provided me with the air I needed to keep going. The love of my life was a horse so fearless and powerful that the ground shook when he ran.

I was consumed by my love for him and mesmerized by his unrelenting beauty and strength. Often, I found myself in his stall at the end of each day. I was trying to absorb some of his strength and courage. Being in his very presence took all of my worries away. 

The Unspoken Bond

The relationship that exists between the American horses and humans are a bond unbound by words. There is a magic to having a relationship with a creature in which no words are exchanged. It is a greater understanding of each other. The horse understands who you are. They are connected to our souls in a way that most people cannot even comprehend. We are our most vulnerable selves when we stand alone with a horse. Animals don’t judge the clothes you wear or the income you make. They care little of social status or whether you brushed your hair that morning.

They see you for your most honest, true self, stripped down of the barriers society has given to us. We are our most vulnerable selves when we cannot hide behind our words. Because of this, the unspoken bond between horse and man is an unwavering and powerful partnership. One that spans all time and also history.

Understanding Each Other Without Language

If I believe that through the eyes of a horse you can see all things, then the expression “actions speak louder than words” is perfectly applicable to our relationship with horses. It does not matter what you to say to a horse, it is how and what you do that will affect your relationship with them. How they will learn to trust you and also respect you. For the many people that suffer from addictions and also mental health issues, facing their emotions can be very difficult. They may find it hard to make strong connections with other humans for fear we will see through them. Yet for therapeutic programs working with horses allows people to communicate their feelings without words to the horse. 

Horses are the most sensitive of all animals and pick up on your energy instantly. They don’t need the barriers of language to understand you or what you have been through. They see right through you, there complete and total honesty and purity of intention are what makes it so easy for humans to put there guard down. And also allow the energy of these sentient beings to help guide and heal us.

If you ever have the chance, visit wild horses in the wild. Do it before they may be gone.

Lessons Only A Horse Can Teach Us

Now that there is no need for the spoken word between a horse and a human, what are the lessons that they will teach us? With the understanding that horses and humans share many similar qualities,  horses are the best animal to work with humans therapeutically. Horses mirror back to us similar feelings or actions that occur from being put in a particular situation that promotes stress. This helps to mirror and teach individuals with certain fears and anxiety on how to behave and see for themselves what is happening so as to manage these concerns. 

Riding a horse is also a healing experience offering the feeling of freedom and connection all at the same time. To physically handicapped people riding is one of the most exhilarating experiences offering newfound freedom outside the limitations of their physical handicap. This feeling of excitement is actually calming, centering and empowering all at the same time. Therefore lowering blood pressure and heart rate alleviates stress and reduces symptoms of anxiety or depression as well. The wild American horse has been deemed one of the best horses for therapy. 

Native Americans and Horses

These attributes and understandings of the horse did not come from us originally, it was our Native American culture that first understood, really understood who the horse was and exactly what you see when you look through the eyes of a horse.  The understanding that native Americans had a bond with mother earth and all her creatures in a way that no other culture has is common knowledge. But they saw how sacred the earth was and knew they were one with nature and their American Indian horse on a spiritual level and a physical level. 

With the American Indian horse and the relationship that they had with the Indian people, all things were easier. Hunting was faster and more successful following the buffalo herds that they would hunt. Horses made their lives much easier as a whole. But it was the connection between the Indian people and their horses when riding bareback, with no horse equipment that illustrated the special bond between Native Americans and the there American Indian horse. 

People Of the Horse

Native Americans have often been given the name the “people of the horse”. The natives were the only ones that truly saw the magic of the horse. To these people, horses were a symbol of pride and healing. They did not use any horse equipment to ride or really control their horses, everything was raw and real. The horse and the native man were connected. They played with horses in a way that is unimaginable. But they could do the things as they saw and understood themselves and the lessons of the horse through the eyes of there horses. Lessons that we are benefitting from today.

Horses on alert in the great outdoors.

Our Greatest Support System

The Wild and domestic American horse has been carrying us on its back since the beginning of time. They have supported us in as many ways as you can think of and for as long as we can remember, yet they never seem to get the credit they deserve.  Actually they have been forgotten, cast away and abandoned. They’ve carried us on their backs through battle, as we became homesteaders and tamed the American West traveled across the country, farmed crops and built rails ways. Played sports with us and always healed our hearts and souls. These animals have died for us, they have broken their backs for us, and they have loved us un conditionally.

We humans are not unconditional with our love, we are not as evolved as our horses and can not give back in the same way. We have not given our horses the recognition they deserve. Time and time again they have been our physical support system, our very life line. But what have we done for them in return?

We as Americans have not given them the respect and protections that they are entitled to. What the horse has offered us is their soul, the energy they bring that mirrors ours so that they can help heal our wounded souls. In the eyes of the horse, you will find healing and a sense of tranquility and connection unmatched by anything here upon the earth. We must remember there sacrifice for us every time we look them in the eyes.

Find Your Clarity

It is my greatest fear that I will lose my connection with horses. They have kept me sane in times of chaos and light in times of darkness. My understanding of them and their understanding of me is a relationship I share with no other. It is difficult to look at ourselves without fear of finding out who we really are. But if you look into the eyes of a horse you can see your reflection ever so clearly and who you can be. 

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