NY State Mother Nature Act, Stopping Pandemics & Other April News

Politico Image from "Stopping Pandemics" article
A mix of April news related to rewilding cities, ways to stop the next pandemic and Konik ponies in the wild.

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Let’s go NY State! In April, we are able to not just give thanks for an increased roll-out of the vaccine, but also to the NYS Senate and Assembly for their environmental leadership and vision. NY State passed their budget, which includes the $3 billion Restore Mother Nature Bond Act. If approved by voters in the Nov 2022 general election, “this historic environmental initiative will make significant investments across the state to combat climate change… and revitalize critical fish and wildlife habitat.”

In other positive news, 9-year-old Rosie Mills walked 125 miles to raise money for Rewilding Britain. We love hearing about young people taking the time and energy to raise money for charity and especially one as worthwhile as Rewilding Britain.

The Guardian published a story on urban rewilding with “Rewilding our cities: beauty, biodiversity and the biophilic cities movement.” The story references New York’s Highline, the amazing One Central Park in Chippendale, Sydney and how city rooftops and plazas can be made more green.

Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot made a short film on the climate crisis and we encourage you to watch and share! They are calling for all of us to protect, restore and use nature to tackle the #climatecrisis.

Our friends at CitizenZoo shared a story that caught our attention featuring photos of Konik ponies, roaming free at the National Trust’s Wicken Fen reserve in Cambridgeshire. According to the article, “The grazing animals help to attract new species of flora and fauna to the fen, leaving water-filled hoof prints and piles of dung as they go.”

Image from Politico story on stopping pandemics.

From reducing deforestation to regulating the wildlife trade, Politico publishes How to stop a pandemic before it starts, illustrated. The statistics are staggering… For example, “the wildlife trade accounts for about 1 billion interactions between animals and humans annually.” Read more in Politico.

On CANA’s Facebook, we’re continuing to share news, but also important educational videos. Check out our series with Wouter Helmer of Rewilding Europe with fun facts and information on rewilding and the environment.

“About 50% of European biodiversity is directly or indirectly related to large herbivores,” Wouter Helmer.

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