Old Westbury Gardens Hosts 10th Anniversary Children in Bloom Luncheon



Diamonds Are Forever was the theme when Old Westbury Gardens hosted its 10th Anniversary Children in Bloom Luncheon at Orchard Hill in Old Westbury on Oct. 18.

The honoree was Arlene Levine, a founding member of the Children in Bloom Council and a major philanthropist. The monies raised from the luncheon support the educational and environmental childrens’ programs at the Gardens and help children of underserved schools and all children have the opportunity to experience the many programs offered.

The guest speaker was Manda Kalimian, founder of the CANA Foundation, which works to help rewilding of horses that are displaced across the United States.

L. to R.: Linda Patch , Carol Large, Arlene Levine, Susan Gordon Ryan, Joan macNaughton, Nasrin Mesbah, Laureen Knutsen, and Liz Boylan. (Photo by Tab Hauser)
L. to R.: Albert and Manda Kalimian. (Photo by Tab Hauser)
L. to R.: Joan MacNaughton and Carol Large. (Photo by Tab Hauser)
Joan MacNaughton (Photo by Tab Hauser)
L. to R.: Dierdre Costa Major and Rita Castagna. (Photo by Tab Hauser)
Manda Kalimian speaks at the Old Westbury Gardens Children in Bloom Luncheon
L. to R.: Arthur Levine, Cindy Settlemen, Arlene Levine, and Joy Levine. (Photo by Tab Hauser)

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