REWILDING IS COMING AND THERE IS NO STOPPING IT, the resolution should we want for ourselves going into 2020

It is always at this time of year when we thank the old and welcome in the new. Often times there are many things that we are happy to see leave with the end of the year, and many plans and resolutions going into the new year. Such tumultuous times that we are experiencing have unhinged concepts and beliefs that we have and shaken and divided the consciousness of our nation and our own personal beliefs. But regardless, as each year comes to a close, our resolve to help America’s wild horses becomes stronger. 

These times stand to make us stronger and more resolved in our quest to speak and act for the things that are of importance. The understanding that without our horses, lands and nature the sustainability of our world will be in jeopardy, becomes more critical as time goes on.

As we ring in the new year it is with the hope of bringing the opportunity for a new way of thinking and seeing our future. Understanding that change is not only for our personal gains, but we can also work for change that benefits all.  America’s wild horses have always led us from the beginning of time, fought our battles and built our cities. Now they show us a new way of change, thinking, and understanding. They show us how they can help to rebuild environmental corridors and not only help to heal humans through therapeutic programs but heal the lands through Rewilding initiatives. 

Numerology tells us that the number 2020 resonates with conscientiousness, pragmatism, and teamwork that contains infinite potential. Let us resolve in the new year, to work towards a greater understanding of the value of our wild horses, not only from a cultural and historic place but from an environmental perspective. If we are pragmatic and work together as an aligned voice for the benefit of Rewilding, 2020 will bring the opportunity to save our wild horses and our environments.  We will be laying the groundwork for a sustainable future for our planet and future generations.

Wishing all a happy and healthy New year and looking forward to our Rewilding journey together in 2020.

-The Cana Foundation 

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