What happens to a society when they have become so callous and self-absorbed that they have no regard for the natural world around them no less other human life? Is there even an answer to this question, or are we just now living the answer every day in real-time? Our financial and political goals have dominated all sense of humanity. Where is compassion and a sense of morality for even the smallest of things, as it is the little things and small acts of kindnesses that actually matter the most?

At 4:30 yesterday afternoon in the first real snowstorm of the winter and a frigid 20 degrees my husband called me and said the following; “ I am driving on the back road to our house and there is a goat on the side of the road and I think its a baby and it looks sick.” You must understand we live in a very urbanized suburb, even though their land is here, it is not where you would expect to hear that a baby goat was on the side of the road.

I flew into my truck and 10 minutes later saw my husband standing by the side of his car pointing to what turned out to be a 10-day old baby goat hiding under his car crying. I managed to crawl under the car and my friend and I were able to pull the baby out wrap him in a blanket and get him into the heated car. As we drove away there on the side of the road sat the brown cardboard box that this baby animal was abandoned in, and left on the road to die.

Cana's rescued goat
Cana’s rescued goat

A frenzy of baby bottles of goat milk, heated towels, blankets, and emergency veterinary care could not save this poor 10-day old baby goat from the inhumanity that had befallen him, he died eight hours after we found him. The only thing I can wrap my mind around is that at least he didn’t die frozen and alone in the dark and he felt compassion around him as he slipped away.

Feeling as sad as I did when I got up this morning, I was met with updates on the current round-up of another 1700 of our wild horses at the scheduled Eagle roundups taking place in the worst and most dangerous weather conditions. The first 183 horses have been rounded up, three have already died and mares falling down onto their knees from sheer exhaustion. As I am so angry about the inhumanity we show to all things It made me think about this country stripping hunting restrictions, allowing the killing of Bear cubs and Wolf pups in their dens while they sleep, opening up the last untouched environmental corridor in our country for oil drilling and the potential destruction of that habitat and ecosystems, and finally the methodical dismantling of our national parks out west. Does nothing matter anymore? 

There is a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” If this is the case, where is our greatness? We are supposed to be the greatest nation in the world, yet we abandon baby animals on the side of the road in snowstorms, set out to destroy our Wild horses and their native lineage and shoot baby animals in their dens while they sleep, and recklessly overuse our land’s resources. Is this the definition of great?

The definition of Human is a human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien. Animals are what make us human as they are what distinguish or differentiates us from other living beings. But I don’t see animals abandoning there young on the side of the road as we do to other animals species and even our own. 

The world is on fire and it is our own doing, complete loss of compassion and humanity has caused us to be callous and blinded by things that one day won’t matter as we have destroyed all the beauty in nature around us. Hard to comprehend that 250 species of plant, insect, bird, and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. What are we doing!

Come on people rethink the plan here, find your compassion and reconnect to your humanity. See the world and life through a different perspective or there won’t be anything left, literally. 

Australia is on fire due to the effects of climate change, which has caused a billion animals to die horrible deaths along with all the foliage and land. I also read that *Australia is the biggest coal exporter in the world, and Australia is the world’s third-largest exporter of CO2 in fossil fuels. In other words, when Australian fossil fuels — primarily coal — are burned overseas, the amount of carbon dioxide they produce is higher than the exported emissions of nearly all the world’s biggest oil- and gas-producing nations, like Iraq and Kuwait. So they are a major contributor to the carbon emissions that are contributing to the climate crisis that is burning up their country. How crazy is that! 

A volcanic eruption from the Taal Volcano, in the Philippines, has rocked the world of local residents. Desperately trying to save their horses and animals covered in ash and mud from events outside of their control. Our planet is crying out for help. We must become Human again, the smallest of kindnesses make a difference. We have a responsibility to the planet and all living things that we are lucky enough to have been given. Rewild responsibly, environmentally and personally for the sake of our future. 

*Australian News Story

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