Rewilding Horses Helps to Mitigate Effects of the Megadrought

Desert Horses

Rewilding Horses Helps to Mitigate Effects of the Megadrought We are living in a time where climate change is showing itself in multiple ways affecting all our lives. The western plains states are facing a megadrought and each year it becomes more severe. As water is continually dried up from the environment due to rising temperatures and aridification, plants are …

Well-Digging Donkeys

There is little that demonstrates the dramatic effects that species-removal can have on an ecosystem better than the story of feral desert donkeys digging wells. Generally considered a threat to the natural environment, this once essential labor force gives life to dozens of species by unearthing life-giving water which creates balance in bio-diversity that has long been overlooked. In short, …

A Horse is a Horse… Of Course! Now Proven Through Ancient DNA

The Story of the Horse - Poster

A newly published paper by an international group of collaborators demonstrates that ancient horse populations in North America and Eurasia maintained contact for hundreds of thousands of years, rather than becoming separate species. It is from this stock that the modern domestic horse developed. The study, led by Alisa Vershinina, PhD, from the Paleogenomics Lab at University of California Santa Cruz, investigated whether certain …

The Hill Op-Ed: Managing wild horses on the public lands

The Hill Op-Ed: Managing wild horses on the public lands “The future of our environment and all that it sustains is a priority for the new administration,” writes Michael Connor in a new Op-Ed on wild horses in The Hill, the largest independent political news site in the United States. We are thrilled that Connor’s thoughts for “restoring protection and preservation as …

The Story of the Horse

Wild horses in Wyoming

Learn about the story of the horse and how scientists are studying the evolutionary history of the horse using fossil and modern evidence.

Spotlight on Laura Leigh

Lara Leigh

Laura Leigh joins the CANA Foundation team as an advisor, bringing a plethora of expertise.

Deb Haaland, UN Letter & More March News

Tree planting to help the world

This month’s news rundown reveals stories related to politics, the environment and leisure pursuits, including rewilding spaces for travel lovers.

CANA Foundation Appoints Wouter Helmer to Science Advisory Board

CANA Foundation has recently announced that Wouter Helmer, co-founder of Rewilding Europe, has joined their Science Advisory Board. This news was picked up by several outlets, including MarketWatch, Markets Insider, yahoo!finance and New York’s citybizlist. In his personal capacity, Helmer will be advising the organization on rewilding in the United States based on his 30 years of experience with rewilding projects …

Native Voices Video Series

Native Voices Series Standing Rock Sioux

Filmed at Standing Rock in North Dakota in Oct 2016, hear about horses, spirituality and our environment from Native Voices.

Rewilding Explained: America’s Wild Horses & Beyond

Learn about the term rewilding and the history of wild horses in America, including the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and why today $110 million American tax dollars are spent every year.

Rewilding for Healthy Landscapes Webinar

CANA Foundation's Rewilding Webinar

Watch our webinar on Rewilding for healthier environments and the benefits wild horses can bring, including Wouter Helmer, Steve Israel, Michael Connor and more.

Environmental Health and Wild Horses

Stay tuned for our next event! In the meantime, Watch this video from our Zoom Event with The Institute Of Politics And Global Affairs at Cornell University, “Environmental Health And Wild Horses: A Design For The Future” moderated by Steve Israel, director, Institute of Politics and Global Affairs at Cornell University, former U.S. Representative (D-NY) with these esteemed panelists: Congresswoman Betty …

Keeping Nature in Balance

Horses grazing birds

Photographer Karla LaRive, Cana Foundation’s newest team member, shares the story of one of her iconic photos.

Cana Foundation Helps American Indians get Masks during COVID

Cana Foundation masks for Indian country

The Long Island Press covers Cana Foundation’s work in fundraising to provide masks to American Indian communities during COVID-19. Manda Kalimian and the Foundation have already provided 2000 masks to the Navajo Nation and want to help us send masks to all the other reservations in need. “If we had shortages, they had nothing,” says Manda Kalimian, founder of the CANA Foundation. …


Where Is Our Human: Rewilding In The Age Of COVID-19

Image: A Chinese woman holds her dog, both wearing protective masks. Kevin Frayer/Getty Images  Over the last three and a half years this country has been faced with a considerable amount of change. Every day there seems to be a new normal for us to conform to. And just when you thought you had adjusted and learned to accept the “New …



Image: The opening of the traditional religious festival Luminaries in honor of San Antonio Abad Patron Saint of Animals. Pierre Phillip Marcou/AFP?Getty Images

What happens to a society when they have become so callous and self-absorbed that they have no regard for the natural world around them no less other human life?


Wild Horse Grazing Can Help Our Planet


Let’s talk about the importance of horse grazing to the environment. Not many people know this, but horses feeding off of the land is the healthiest way to preserve our lands.




Why is it that we admire wild and free horses the way we do? They are the focal point of so much of our art, photography, and history.