Long Island Horse Rescuer Manda Kalimian Was ‘Born to Rewild’

Long Island Press Cover October

Long Island Horse Rescuer Manda Kalimian Was ‘Born to Rewild’ Wild horses that roam America’s Western rangelands descended from indigenous populations and were not all imported from Spain—an important distinction that means mustangs have been misclassified as an invasive species. Those findings in a recent scientific study are among the revelations that Manda Kalimian, the founder and president of the …


LI woman works to save wild mustangs headed for slaughter

LI woman works to save wild mustangs headed for slaughter By Joan Gralla Updated September 10, 2021, 7:54 AM Original Article Here  Today’s wild mustangs are native to North America, not heirs of Spanish conquistadors’ mounts, according to a Locust Valley rescuer who says new DNA research should help save them from being slaughtered by the thousands in Mexico and Canada. …

Born to Be Wild

Born to be Wild.Animal advocates are pushing back against the roundup of Utah’s Onaqui wild horse herd.Utah is home to one of the most famous herds of wild horses in America, the Onaqui. Named for the Onaqui Mountains, more than 500 horses roam free in rangeland just outside Tooele, roughly 60 miles from Salt Lake City. Tourists, photographers, horse lovers …

Angie and Ruth McCartney Interview Manda Kalimian

Ruth and Angie McCartney Interview Manda Kalimian, founder of Cana Foundation