Manda Kalimian Featured in Downtown Magazine

Manda Kalimian and her work as the President of the Cana Foundation is featured in Downtown Magazine, a magazine that features a sophisticated appreciation for the culture that embodies Lower Manhattan.

This glossy, luxury publication showcases the heartbeat and attitude of this lavishly diverse community.

Deborah Martin writes: Manda Kalimian created the Cana Foundation to save American wild horses from harm. “Horses and humans have a natural affinity. They represent the best of us, and their cultural and natural importance cannot be overstated.” Kalimian believes in the spirit of “rewilding,” a concept that started in Europe about 75 years ago. “We have forgotten our connection to the natural world. Rewilding is about rediscovering our inner wild places as well as preserving the wild places here in America and in the world.”

The Cana Foundation is working with scientific and political leaders to bring this message to a larger audience. Former New York Congressman Steve Israel is now the Director of the Institute of Politics and Global Affairs at Cornell University, and he was instrumental in getting language added to the 2020 House appropriations budget.

Read the full article of page 66 of the spring issue.

Excerpt from Downtown Magazine article featuring Cana and Kalimian.
Excerpt from Downtown Magazine article featuring Cana and Kalimian.

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