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The Rewilding Space, located at a private horse farm in East Norwich, New York hosts thought provoking and inspiring symposiums, curated experiences and charity events to benefit CANA Foundation.

The opportunity to rewild allows us to become more Naturally Considerate® to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Rewilding, or the restoration of life giving ways, is nature in balance as it was originally intended. ReWilding combines Ancestral Teachings with modern living for a richer and more fulfilling life.  ReWilding is the restoration of native teachings; in which we return to living a naturally considerate life in balance, harmony and well-being; with ourseleves, others & the world around us. At the Rewilding Space, discover how rewilding leads to a greater sense of self and our place within the world and our environment and help restore a more balanced, harmonious world amongst people, animal and the world we share together.

Earth’s skin is fragile and the world is awakening to a general understanding of a growing concern about what is happening to our planet’s natural environment. There is interconnectedness between all life on earth and rediscovering this connection is a common ground upon which all cultures and people can meet. The opportunity to learn more about this connection is from the teachings and old wisdom of indigenous people from all cultures around the planet, who innately understood the connection between all life on mother earth and the value that connection holds. It also lies within those creatures of the original creation, like our wild horse nation, who still understand and carry the knowledge of natural law.

By utilizing the connective understanding of the importance of nature and our planet, we can create a oneness, unity and harmony of all people from every culture around the world. Focusing on rewilding our relationship with the earth can in turn, help us heal ourselves and our relationships with allege on earth.

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We’re committed to transparency and our mission to save our #WildOnes, that’s why we received a “Gold” rating from GuideStar, the world’s leading source for information about non-profit organizations.