Cana Foundation Saves Wild Hoofbeats Features Cana Foundation

Carol Walker Wild Hoofbeats Features Cana Foundation
Carol Walker and Wild Hoofbeats features Cana Foundation for saving wild horses from the Checkerboard Roundup.

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Renown photographer Carol Walker features Cana Foundation in Wild Hoofbeats. Cana recently saved two wild horses from Salt Wells Creek after the Checkerboard Roundup. Carol shares the story.

Carol writes, “In September and October of 2017 the BLM rounded up and removed 1968 wild horses from Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin, three of the largest remaining herds in the country. I was there for three weeks observing as close as I could possible get, which was not very close. Out of those 1968 wild horses, only 5 were offered at the latest BLM online auction… I was delighted that Cana Foundation was adopting two of the former stallions that I had watched rounded up and torn from their families, and so at least two of them would be ensured a good home.”

For nine years, Carol produced a calendar of her images each year to benefit first the Cloud Foundation and then Wild Horse Freedom Federation.  Carol was the Director of Field Documentation and on the Board of Directors for Wild Horse Freedom Federation for six years.

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