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Hi. I can't say it's been easy but I can tell youI've had a rollercoaster ride full of joyful upswings, terrifying dips, and near death experiences. All the way through, the plight of America's wild horses has kept me going and somehow delivered me out of danger every time. It's about even more than horses though. Removing these sentient beings from the land is bad for the land long term and it is bad for us humans to the extent that biodiversity decline can affect everything including climate change. Its a whole big deal and I've been screaming it from the rooftops for 15 years but finally—while the world burns, floods, and continues to generally become more precarious with every day and hour—people are starting to listen. We have a long way to go so please read my book so you will be better prepared for your own future and to help me and Cana Foundation be a force for change in the world. Thank you, and please reach out and let me know what you think of my book. It's been a lot.

My best. Manda

Born to Rewild—Triumphs of a Now Fearless Woman is an inspirational and passionate story of one woman’s dedication to conservation and the rewilding of America’s truly native wild horses. Audio book and Ebook also available below. (scroll down) 


Monica Butschek 5.0 out of 5 stars
An Honest, Vulnerable Memoir About Wild Horse Advocacy Reviewed in the United States on
November 8, 2021 I listened to Born toRewild on Audible, and thoroughly enjoyed listening to Manda tell her story of becoming a wild horse advocate. She speaks as though we were best friends sitting down together after not catching up for quite some time. Everything she shares is extremely relatable, from the shock and disillusionment at learning the equestrian industry's dark secret that riding horses are often left at auction to wind up in slaughterhouses - YES, that lesson horse your child is learning to ride on could very well be on someone's dinner table after his or her business use is over - to the shock and horror of discovering that our nation's magnificent wild horses are brutally chased by helicopters, stampeding them into holding pens where they, too, often wind up facing a terrifying and cruel death in Canada or Mexico's slaughterhouses. Manda candidly shares her soul calling to help the horses by rewilding them, that is, keeping and returning them to their rightful place on our public lands, along with rewilding the lands themselves. If you care about Nature, the planet, and the animals who depend upon us to keep their homes as Nature intended, then this refreshingly honest and vulnerable memoir is for you.

Women are powerful, and Manda celebrates that power in Born to Rewild.

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Fight to save America’s Wild Horses and our lands. Born to Rewild unleashes the power of women to help save the environment. Read Manda Kalimian's extraordinary book and join the movement.


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Add hardcover to cart = $24.99 with free shipping (Use coupon code "freeship")

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