Cello Comes Home Children's Storybook

All proceeds go directly to saving horses


A Celebration of child literacy and education

Why the horse is one of the most important species to humanity right now

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An Educational Treasure

Ross MacPhee Cana FoundationJoin celebrated children’s author, Simon Mills and Dr. Ross MacPhee, Senior Curator, Department of Mammalogy & Zoology at theAmerican Museum of Natural History on a rewilding adventure that opens eyes and hearts. This true story follows the horse’s journey over fifty million years to a modern-day stallion named Cello who leads us to explore the science of rewilding planet Earth. The target audience for this book: Horse lovers, Rewilding lovers, Conservationists, and people who know the environment is precious, freedom is precious, and the Earth is a big responsibility. You will learn the true story of the horse and why they are not considered a native species to America even though this is where they are from.


What Simon Mills has created for all of his children’s rhyming literature goes one step further for child literacy. By color-coding how the rhyming and meter are structured, it helps the reader to intuitively understand how to read the stanza increasing comprehension, readability, and enjoyment—therefore, literacy.

Specifically, rhyming helps children improve their oral language skills, overall. It helps kids to playfully manipulate their language, which gives them a kind of “permission” to manipulate language in other ways. Children have more ownership over their language when they’re encouraged to change it and play with how they speak.

Kevin E. Baird
Chief Academic Officer
McGraw Hill Education 

As soon as I read my first Simon Mills children's rhyming storybook I was "all in." I knew immediately that all his books needed to be shared with millions of children in service of literacy and beautiful storytelling. The way he color-codes the text so you can intuitively understand the rhyming meter is an absolute first. Groundbreaking. 

Gail Hartman
VP, Content Initiatives at Achieve3000/McGraw Hill

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Cello Comes Home is a Book to Love

And all proceeds go directly to saving horses and the remarkable work that Cana Foundation is doing for horses, grassland ecology and climate change

Cello says, "Buy it now, I can't wait to meet you"

Add hardcover to cart = $14.99 with free shipping (Use coupon code "freeship")