Prayer Keepers Sage Bundling Project

Prayer Keepers Sage Bundling Project

Gathered and blessed by Elizabeth Antonio & Family on the Navajo Reservation


A spoke in the Giving Wheel© at CANA Foundation is our “Prayer Keepers” sage bundling project. Prayer Keepers is a project inten

ded to restore peace and harmony amongst people around the world.

This project supports the gathering of sage within different native communities. Your donation continues the momentum of our giving wheel; allowing these individuals an employment opportunity that supports their families and local communities as well as reconnecting elders and youth through cultural traditions.

In addition to the labor by these Diné Grandmothers, there are beautiful prayers that go into each bundle, which will definitely be felt by those who burn this sage. Gathered with positive and protective intentions, these Grandmothers considered and included everyone who would be using the bundles and how they might use them; smudging, clearing negative energy, centering, cleansing, healing, gifting, etc. They talked to the Holy Ones and the sage beings about each individual and asked for all of these important intentions to be acknowledged and blessed. Given that depth of conscious spiritual intention within each bundle, the reciprocity is balanced between givers and receivers.

One of the four sacred medicines used by the indigenous people of America, sage is used for physical, spiritual, mental and emotional purification. It heals by bringing the body back into balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities. Balance and pure though, in spirit and body.





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