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Description: When Manda Kalimian began her mission to help America’s wild horses—through rewilding—to regain their rightful place as a native species of the open plains, little did she know the challenges ahead would redefine everything she understood about who she thought she was. Born to Rewild follows Manda as she joins the struggle to rescue wild horses from a program fraught with bureaucracy, controversy, and the potential to erase the legacy of these beautiful creatures from a land that depends on their very existence. With this journey, Manda joins forces with new friends in the Native American community-all dedicated to restoring the wild horse to its natural environment through the process of rewilding. Born to Rewild: Triumphs of a Now Fearless Woman is an inspirational and passionate story of one woman’s dedication to conservation and the rewilding of America’s truly native wild horses.


For as long as she could remember, Manda Kalimian had always been in love with horses.  When she received an email about a horse rescue farm near her home on Long Island little did she know she would become deeply involved in the Rewilding movement: A world of climate change, kill houses, and the restoration of the wild horse as a native species to North America.  Along the way, Manda also found her own path of empowerment and self-discovery.
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From the back cover: The planet may or may not be dying, humans may or may not be at risk of extinction, and American wild horses may or may not be at the 11th hour before they go the way of the Dodo. Here is Manda Kalimian’s literary shake and wake to say, “Honey, it’s even worse than that.” The author decided to strip away the noise and share her journey to reveal a simple truth. The frozen, immutable facts that foretell our destiny.

These emburdened and inspired pages will unveil the tears, blood, and horse-sweat that offer an encrypted key to our very salvation. Ok, you think that’s a bit dramatic. Cast it aside and imagine you are in need of personal empowerment and permission to unleash your true self in honor of your soul’s weeping desire to break free. When you meet Manda Kalimian, you will be swept up in her spirit—her inimitable power to love and understand. Your vexations will be laid to rest with her inherent peace. Yet, she will challenge you to be accountable to our home and to take a stand against the abhorrent challenges that not only face us but pound at the door, beseeching us to act or wither. Even men will benefit from the power of this triumphant woman who dares to step forward and claim a future that she knows—in her emboldened soul—is not only achievable but what was intended. Seat yourself, stop the world, and let Manda’s words wash over you while you reconsider our future. But buckle up babe—Manda Kalimian is a true believer, and she was Born to Rewild.

“The federal government spends hundreds of millions in tax dollars to imprison wild horses. They can be rewilded into native lands. This is just common sense.”
          ~Congressman Steve Israel—Cornell University Institute of Politics and Global Affairs

“There are simple solutions to complex questions around why flora, fauna, and animals are in crisis. This book speaks to the heart of the matter.”
           ~Dr. Ross MacPhee—Senior Curator, American Museum of Natural History

“Without the horse, we are going to forget how to be humans. When that happens, we are cancer to the habitat. This book offers a solution to humanity.”
           ~Moses Brings Plenty—America Indian Liaison, Cana Foundation

“This book was a tonic for my heart and soul. Manda’s words helped me to make sense of my own journey because strong women need other strong women. We sharpen each other like iron sharpens iron.
           ~Jacqueline Kapur—Entrepreneur, founder, and corporate CFO

“The natural world will survive in some form—but we may not. We must rewild to rebalance the environment”
      ~Sir David Attenborough

About the Author: Manda Kalimian is the founder and CEO of the CANA Foundation, which has been focused on restoring America’s wild horses to the grasslands and high plains via rewilding initiatives.  Along with the rewilding effort, Cana is focused on the promotion of environmental and climate sustainability.  She is a passionate advocate for preserving the Native American culture and supports educational and health initiatives benefiting indigenous communities. A frequent guest speaker, Manda has been a guest on shows such as Morning Joe (MSNBC) and has presented as an authority at the Cambridge Conservation Forum at Cambridge University in England. Learn more about Manda Kalimian and the CANA Foundation at www.canafoundation.org\// and BornToRewild.com

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