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Cello Comes Home | Born To Rewild | Children’s Storybook


Cello Comes Home is a powerful book because it is about a real horse called Cello who now lives on Long Island at Cana Foundation. The book follows his journey of being rounded up by helicopter and imprisoned in a holding pen for many years while the land, now without wild horses, began to change for the worse. In 32 pages your child will learn about the future of wild horses in America, environmental rewilding, biodiversity and more and it is all told masterfully in rhyming verse. This is science backed information underpinned by co-author Dr. Ross MacPhee, curator, American Museum of Natural History in New York. The rhyme was crafted by celebrated children’s author Simon E. Mills.


Join celebrated children’s author, Dr. Simon Mills and Dr. Ross MacPhee, Senior Curator, Department of Mammalogy & Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History on a rewilding adventure that opens eyes and hearts. This true story follows the horse’s journey over fifty million years to a modern-day stallion named Cello who leads us to explore the science of rewilding planet Earth. <strong>The target audience for this book: </strong>Horse lovers, Rewilding lovers, Conservationists, and people who know the environment is precious, freedom is precious, and the Earth is a big responsibility. You will learn the true story of the horse and why they are not considered a native species to America even though this is where they are from.

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