Water Maiden Experience


The Water Maiden Experience revolves around indigenous values and understandings for the importance of water; a valued commodity. Water not only represents the key to life on earth but the key to help release emotions and cleanse away negative energy.

Allow the Water Maiden Experience to cleanse you of any unwanted negativity and allow your emotions to flow freely in a positive, healthy way. The plant medicine and wisdom of sage releases and cleanses negative energies within your skin and spirit. Hemp oil and whole plant essential oil combinations refresh and restore balance to the skin and body. Cleanse and nourish your mind and body and start new.


Our Water Maiden Experience includes:

WHITEWATER Body Wash – 3oz Tube

Much like the shallows and depths of whitewater, life is a rapid moving and often winding journey. Whitewater Wash is made from non-toxic materials with the intention to sooth your skin as well as your senses.

Allow natures perfect blend of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids within hemp to retain moisture and create smoothness for your skin. Feel the neroli sooth and calm senses, emotions and skin. Celebrate the rejuvenating effects of clary sage on your body and mind.

WELL BEING Lotion – 3oz Tube

Well Being Body Lotion contains ingredients proven to help all skin types look smoother, perfectly hydrated, and visibly younger.

Balance your emotions,remain close to your inner purpose and set forth the intentions that will create a sense of well being; for yourself and the world around you. Allow natures perfect blend of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in hemp to retain moisture and create smoothness. Feel the neroli soothes and calm senses, emotions and skin. Celebrate the rejuvenating effects of clary sage on the well- being of your skin and mind.

Take a moment to wash away negativity, free yourself, connect and rewild.


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