Rescue Wild Horses

Rescue Wild Horses

How to Privately Adopt a Wild Horse

Are you a land owner interested in adopting a wild horse?

Here are some basic criteria that you need to keep in mind prior to filling out an application to be connected to adopt through the CANA Connector Program.

What You Need…

  • A stable home that would be a perfect fit for a wild horse.

  • To be able to cover the care and food costs.

    (The average horse costs $2,400 annually to shelter, feed, and care for)

  • One-time fee of $10 to $25 dollars to purchase your horse from the BLM.

    (Bureau of Land Management)

  • To pay for the transportation of your horse from their current location to their forever home.

    (Based on mileage between you and your wild horse’s current location)

  • A big heart!

If you have what you need, please fill out the application below and submit it to CANA Foundation. A CANA Ambassador will get back to you to help connect you with a wild horse of your own!






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