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CANA FOUNDATION’S MANDA KALIMIAN She’s Making A Difference By Patricia Canole | Photography Neil Tandy | Makeup by Theresa Lambert For Manda Kalimian—author, environmental and animal advocate, founder & CEO of CANA Foundation—wild horses that roam America’s West are endangered, as are our lands. What saddens her is that these creatures that are very much native to American soil not …

Long Island Horse Rescuer Manda Kalimian Was ‘Born to Rewild’

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Long Island Horse Rescuer Manda Kalimian Was ‘Born to Rewild’ Wild horses that roam America’s Western rangelands descended from indigenous populations and were not all imported from Spain—an important distinction that means mustangs have been misclassified as an invasive species. Those findings in a recent scientific study are among the revelations that Manda Kalimian, the founder and president of the …

Angie and Ruth McCartney Interview Manda Kalimian

Ruth and Angie McCartney Interview Manda Kalimian, founder of Cana Foundation