Long Island Horse Rescuer Manda Kalimian Was ‘Born to Rewild’

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Long Island Horse Rescuer Manda Kalimian Was ‘Born to Rewild’ Wild horses that roam America’s Western rangelands descended from indigenous populations and were not all imported from Spain—an important distinction that means mustangs have been misclassified as an invasive species. Those findings in a recent scientific study are among the revelations that Manda Kalimian, the founder and president of the …


Saving our Honey Bees and Wild Horses

Saving our Honey Bees and Wild Horses “Much of a Muchness” Did you know that 7 of the 10 top honey-producing states are in the American West? Topping the list producing over 38.6 million pounds of honey a year valued at 61 million dollars is North Dakota—followed by South Dakota, California, Texas, Montana, Minnesota, and Idaho.  Honey bees are pollinators; they are the farmer’s …

Deb Haaland, UN Letter & More March News

Tree planting to help the world

This month’s news rundown reveals stories related to politics, the environment and leisure pursuits, including rewilding spaces for travel lovers.

Rewilding Explained: America’s Wild Horses & Beyond

Learn about the term rewilding and the history of wild horses in America, including the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and why today $110 million American tax dollars are spent every year.

Rewilding for Healthy Landscapes Webinar

CANA Foundation's Rewilding Webinar

Watch our webinar on Rewilding for healthier environments and the benefits wild horses can bring, including Wouter Helmer, Steve Israel, Michael Connor and more.


Where Is Our Human: Rewilding In The Age Of COVID-19

Image: A Chinese woman holds her dog, both wearing protective masks. Kevin Frayer/Getty Images  Over the last three and a half years this country has been faced with a considerable amount of change. Every day there seems to be a new normal for us to conform to. And just when you thought you had adjusted and learned to accept the “New …



What happens to a society when they have become so callous and self-absorbed that they have no regard for the natural world around them no less other human life?


Wild Horse Grazing Can Help Our Planet


Let’s talk about the importance of horse grazing to the environment. Not many people know this, but horses feeding off of the land is the healthiest way to preserve our lands.


The Tale of The American Indian Horse: A relationship like no other

CANA FOUNDATION American Indian Horse BLOG

They were also referred to as “people of the horse” because they had a greater understanding of the horse that other cultures did not, as they evolved together. The spiritual connection between the Native Americans and their horses is a rarity that not many people have experienced.